Games to play on a fun filled picnic

A boring traditional picnic can be transformed into a fun filled family affairs with these time tested games and prove that adults and children don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun. Choose any of the games given below to guarantee a fun time for everyone involved.

  • Frisbee: This simple plaything is great for the family. Throw it around, toss it around, have fun running after it, trying to catch it. It is an ever green product that can generate a lot of fun for a couple out on a picnic to a large group of friends who want to convert it into a Frisbee tournament with teams. How you use it is up to you – you can even convert it to Frisbee rounders where the principles of rounders comes into play. Except there is no bat and ball, just a Frisbee that is thrown as far as they can before running around the bases before the other team can retrieve it to stump the player out before they can complete a home run.
  • Treasure Hunt: All of us have played this at some point – and the excitement of seeking for ‘treasure’ never fades. Of course, it may be too much to plan an elaborate treasure hunt where clues are hidden beneath objects so this game can be simplified. Take a printout from home depicting common objects that could be found in the picnic destination you are heading to – like certain leaves or leaf patterns, rock shapes, feathers etc. Whoever collects all the items on the list wins.
  • Blanket Volleyball: Use the blankets you sit on for a fun game. Divide 2truths_1lieyourselves into two teams where you have to pitch the ball to the other team by using only the blankets. This is a fun game that would leave everyone in stitches.
  • Two truths, One lie: Test to see who knows you inside out and can tell the fibs apart from the truth. You have to tell two truths and one lie about yourself and see who can see through you and determine which statement is the lie. This way you also get to know the people around you.
  • I’m going on a picnic: This is great for people who are not in the mood for running around and getting sweaty. Everyone has to sit down in a circle and someone has to begin the game by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…….” End the sentence with an object. The next person in the circle has to repeat the entire line and your object then adding his own. This continues and tests to see who can remember the most. The person who manages to remember the most wins.
  • hide_n_seek-680x452Hot potato hide and Seek: This is the fun version of Hide & Seek. The original game can get very tedious for the person who’s doing the seeking, so the first person the seeker finds becomes the next seeker. This way there are greater chances of everyone being involved instead of someone hiding the entire day. You can use a tennis ball to indicate who the seeker is. (Or any kind of distinctive item.)
  • Catch: The simple game of catch and throw is an ever green game that has been present for years. It’s been played at many picnics for decades and all it takes is just one ball to make it happen. The simplicity of this game and the level of involvement it entails ensure that it is an active but fun game to play.

I remember as a child my parents would take us out on the weekend – it could be a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, depending upon my parents’ schedule and it would be so much fun. We would perhaps go with family friends who also had kids my age or at times just make it a family affair. Some memories live strong, even though decades have passed.

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