Living Well: 8 Secrets for the Perfect Picnic

Taking some time off from work and going out for picnic is not a bad idea. You can have quality time with your friends and family at picnic. Planning a picnic is very essential as it will lessen your worries and eventually you will have your great day with full of enjoyment and merriment. Below are some foods that will give you some idea about the snacks that you can take in your picnic.

1. Chilly Wraps

Having wraps filled with some spices and yogurt is yummy! Children love to eat these kinds of wraps as they find some sweet and sour taste in it. Along with children, adults also enjoy eating as wrap is very easy to eat and one can easily manage it with health benefits. If you have problem with chilly then you can have the wrap which is sweet and without chillies.

2. Fried chicken

When you do picnic near to beach than fried chicken is the most demanding dish wished by all age groups. It is so crispy and tender that eating fried chicken gives much satisfaction and relaxation. The taste is just superb with some sauces and spices.

3. Skewers

The most benefit of eating skewers is it can be eaten without the usage of utensils. It may include some fruits such as strawberries, cherries and some grapes. You may also add some veggies which will add perfectly to your meal.

4. Whole fruit

In your picnic journey if you fell hungry often than whole fruit is best option for you. These fruits include apples, peaches and grapes and they are very rich in antioxidants eventually helping you to detox from toxic materials. Eating whole fruit is always the best option that you can opt for.

5. Pasta salad or Couscous

Couscous will give you much satisfaction during your picnic journey. You will also get health benefit by eating this salad. The fibres present in salad will help you in providing much energy so that you will feel more energetic at your picnic.

6. Charcuterie

This snack is actually a mixture of salami and cheese and adds more fun when eaten at sunset. You can enjoy this dish without any utensils. This way you will also save your time in washing the utensils.

7. Lettuce wraps

Lettuce is very good and provides many nutrients when combined with some veggies and fruits. The fibres and anti-oxidant properties in lettuce will allow you to give more energy while increasing your stamina at your picnic.

8. Cookies

Whether it is a chocolate cookie or a butter cookie, children just love to eat yummy cookies. The reason behind this is the crispiness and delicious taste which melts in your mouth while keeping an urge of having more.

Do not forget to take your favourite drinks at picnic. Who would not love to take sip of your favourite drink, while watching the serene beauty of Nature? It can also be accompanied by your friends or spouse as they will add more fun to the moment. While going for a picnic, do not forget to take your backpack and dispenser as they are essential accessories and indeed helpful.


I remember as a child my parents would take us out on the weekend – it could be a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, depending upon my parents’ schedule and it would be so much fun. We would perhaps go with family friends who also had kids my age or at times just make it a family affair. Some memories live strong, even though decades have passed.

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