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Perfect Romantic foods for a Picnic Date

You’re on a picnic date and you’re stressing out on what to pack? We’ve listed out a few foods that are easy to make and add a touch of romance to your picnic date that no PBJ sandwich could ever convey. Go the extra mile, set to impress – they say the way to man’s or woman’s heart is through their stomach – so be creative with your food to reap the benefits in romance. Here are a few food suggestions for a romantic picnic date.

  • 2067436d9958344634ad47bb6f2f9788Small Sandwiches: Sandwiches are a staple in any picnic, but why go for the boring triangular or square shapes? Make them into tiny bite sized sandwiched, so your hands are free to hold each other. If you feel like being creative, use cookie cutters for interesting shapes.
  • Small fruits: Pack bite sized fruits like grapes, cherries and strawberries which are easy to eat with minimal mess.
  • Candy: Sweets for the sweet, these little pieces of candy will keep the picnic light hearted and fun. Plus, they’re yummy.
  • Crackers and Cheese: They’re picnic classics for a reason. Whether you pack crackers, bread sticks and carry a bit of brie – this classic combination can’t fail at any picnic because they’re simply so delicious.
  • Popcorn: You could either carry the traditional original butter or caramel flavored, or you could opt for unflavored popcorn and make it your own by adding your own touch to it.
  • GlutenFreePizza_TOMATO-dc563137-37e0-4f81-8703-0c20e5f8e8e6-0-472x310Mini pizzas: Who doesn’t love pizzas? Be smart about it and make your own ready to eat pizzas with mini pita bread. Just pack the sauce, a bit of cheese and your own toppings separately to give a fresh taste to a fun meal.
  • Mediterranean foods: A small jar of hummus works wonders with any sandwich, roll, wrap or pit bread. To top it all, it’s healthy as well as being light on the stomach.
  • Chocolates: How can you forget this basic romantic snack? Chocolates are for fun, and for people in love. Enjoy your favorite chocolate bar or nibble on a slab – but this will bring the fun quotient into your picnic. Get your hands and face messy – the clean up later becomes the fun part.
  • DIY wraps: Create your own stuffing at the picnic site – team it up with cheese, olives and other ingredients of your choice.
  • summer-rollSummer Rolls: With summer right round the corner, these would be the perfect snack or meal for your date and you. They’re easy to eat and are great for hot summer dates.
  • Nutella: the ultimate favorite. Spread it on some bread, have it as a standalone ingredient or take it straight from the jar. Be creative and enjoy the chocolaty delight with a side of banana.
  • Skewered foods: These are cute, small and look good. Impress your date with ingredients on skewers. You can take anything from cheese, to cold meats, ham, cherry tomatoes – you name it, use it. These make meals fun.
  • Sangria: What is better for a romantic picnic date than a bit of wine? It’s even better if it’s homemade, so make your own sangria at home. It’s easy to make and complements your picnic food well, especially if you’ve teamed it up with any of the foods listed here. Store it in a sealable jar and take it with you wherever you want to go. The fruity flavors will add that punch.
  • IMG_55322Stuffed dates: They’re easy to munch on, small and easy to carry. They don’t take up a lot of space. You can try stuffing them with ingredients of your choice. Try stuffing them with almonds or nuts of your choice to get the fruity flavor with the nutty touch. They complement each other well.

I remember as a child my parents would take us out on the weekend – it could be a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, depending upon my parents’ schedule and it would be so much fun. We would perhaps go with family friends who also had kids my age or at times just make it a family affair. Some memories live strong, even though decades have passed.

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