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Picnic fun facts that you didn’t know

  • The Song, ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ was written in 1906 by British composer John Bratton. The original title was ‘The Teddy Bear Two Step’ but an instrumental version released in 1908 gave the song its new popular teddy-bear-picnic-day-picturename. Lyrics were added 24 years later in 1932. This song has appeared in many versions and is a family favorite where the children and adults alike sing while going off on a picnic.
  • The concept of the picnic dates back more than 250 years when it was considered to be a big event in the social calendar where the guests contributed food to the party. Much on the lines of a potluck these days. All those years later, this tradition still lives strong with it being a favorite especially around the summer months.
  • bastille-day-2015In 2000AD, the first Bastille Day of the new millennium was celebrated when a 600 mile long picnic was organized in France on the 14th of July. This was a record of many proportions and definitely brought picnicking into the limelight.
  • After the revolution of 1789, the French made the royal parks accessible to the public which started the modern fashion for picnics as many people thronged to the lush green gardens which were well maintained.
  • The film Picnic, starring William Holden and Kim Novak was released in 1955 and was nominated for six Oscars, walking away finally with two Oscars for the best film editing and the best art direction.
  • The word ‘picnic’ can be traced back to French roots almost a century after it was first seen in French originating from the word ‘pique-nique.’
  • thimagePicnic Day for Americans is officially held on 23rd of April while the UK celebrates National Picnic Week on the third week of June annually. This change in date and difference in months could be attributed to better and favorable weather conditions.
  • 4th of July or America’s Independence Day is the US’ most popular picnic Day as the public uses the holiday to visit parks and other picnic sites to relax. Italians prefer to picnic on Easter Monday as a celebration after the major event of Easter and France sees Bastille Day as the ideal day for picnicking.
  • Tales of Robin Hood gave us the first accounts of picnics. His Merry Band of Thieves would informally dine of bread, cheese and ale under the forest cover.
  • FS_FAVRE_PICNIC_CO_001The Victorian Era saw picnicking being taken to a whole new different level. They were considered to be grand occasions with tables, chairs, linens, crystals – all provided by attentive servants and of course, gourmet food.
  • The form of the picnic basket has evolved over the years to transform from a simple woven wicker basket to house more complicated features like separate hot and cold compartments, a detachable blanket for picnics and even a wine chiller. That’s called modern picnicking in style!
  • The shape and design of the picnic tables we are familiar with these days dates back to the late 1800s.
  • Protesting peacefully through picnicking. The border gates of East and West Germany were opened up for the Pan-European Picnic and the picnic leadImage_largewas held on the Austrian-Hungarian border. Taking place on the 19th of August in 1989, this picnic has been viewed as a crucial turning point and a milestone in the fall of the Iron Curtain and the reunification of a divided Germany.
  • According to many historians, the concept of the picnic evolved over time from hunting parties, Renaissance Era country feasts and Victorian garden parties.

I remember as a child my parents would take us out on the weekend – it could be a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, depending upon my parents’ schedule and it would be so much fun. We would perhaps go with family friends who also had kids my age or at times just make it a family affair. Some memories live strong, even though decades have passed.

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