Things To Remember While Going For A Picnic

Going to a picnic means having fun with your family and friends. However, to make your picnic successful, you have to plan and prepare ahead of time. Proper planning will avoid common disasters like soggy sandwiches and spoiled food. Below are some tips that will help you in preparing for your picnic.

Tips for planning a successful picnic

Keep a blanket with you- Keep this thing in mind- A blanket can make or break a picnic’s vibe. Therefore choose a blanket that has soft texture and appealing design. Make sure that the blanket is large enough to easily hold all your picnic items. Don’t forget to pack a tarp to go under your blanket, so that if the picnic area is wet, you will not face any problem.

Bring sunscreen with you to avoid skin problems- We know going to a picnic is a prodigious occasion to relish heartfelt winds and bright views but this outside time can also affect your skin. Therefore keep sunscreen with you to avoid any skin problems like sunburns etc. You may think that sitting under a tree can reduce the effect of UV rays but somehow skin damage is still possible in the shade.

Don’t forget to bring fruits- Always keep fruits with you on picnic as they are easy to carry, easy to dispose off and healthy for your body.

Keep kitchen towel with you- Since napkins are easy to dispose off, a sturdy kitchen towel will provide you more versatility. They can be used for covering food from insects and can do a great job of sopping up of spills than paper napkins.

Fruit Chat: Fruits like apple, banana, papaya, grapes and oranges could be taken along. Just cut the fruits with the help of a knife. Put some salt and pepper on it. Squeeze some lemon drops and the tasty fruit chat will make your day tasty as well healthy too.

Tricks to make a picnic perfect:  Leave on decided time and plan to return before it gets dark. Mark name tags on each and everything and meal packed so that it is easy to find things without any hassle. Last but not the least; you should never ever forget to click a snap shot to make the perfect picnic memorable for life time.

Do Weather Forecasting: Weather forecasting is indeed essential as it will give an idea about the weather and help you in deciding the time of leaving for the picnic. One should always keep an umbrella so as to prevent from random weather change. Many people make tent for the same reason so that they will be prevented from the scorching heat and bad climate.

Going for picnic is never a bad idea. You should be able to plan a picnic properly so as to avoid from any problems during your journey. It is a rendezvous memory that will cherish good times in your life.


I remember as a child my parents would take us out on the weekend – it could be a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, depending upon my parents’ schedule and it would be so much fun. We would perhaps go with family friends who also had kids my age or at times just make it a family affair. Some memories live strong, even though decades have passed.

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